Saturday, April 7, 2012

A little about this blog

I had originally decided to write this blog as a way of showcasing my writing ability to potential publishers and editors at peer reviewed journals of science, as such I wrote from a perspective of a hard hitting science writer, aiming my arguments at a crowd of fellow scientists interested in such topics.  That does not seem to be my audience, (if I have an audience).  Furthermore, I wished to propose a world view that I discuss further in my introductory post (see The Transductionist).  All of my posts thus far revolved around this world view and continuing posts will as well, but in the future I will write with a more general audience in mind.  What you have seen if you have read this blog, is a group of articles that span my interest in understanding our universe and exemplify one piece of my persona or another; the cynic, the scientist, the scholar, and the joker.  I will still focus on science and technology and how to integrate it into our future world, and I will still try to relay information about complex topics, but now I will  hopefully do it  with all of the elements of my persona combined (A bit like Captain Planet).  Perhaps, this will be a better interpretation of my true voice.  And if editors and publishers have viewed this blog or do so in the future, they can look at some of my previous posts as evidence of the range of my work and send me a message if they want to offer me a job.  Not holding my breath though, It's hard to break into writing as a career, and I've got a good job as a graduate student and don't intend to give it up, because its also hard to break into science  (and if you don't think 'grad student' counts as a job, let me assure you that I work 6 to 7 days a week for peanuts and no pension plan; its a job).
Thanks for reading and let me know what you like because I'm looking for feedback, I'm looking to grow as a writer, to expand my mind, and perhaps to make someone else think like a transductionist.  

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