Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Fix the Economic Suck

I won't bore you with the details of how sucky the economy really is.  What I will discuss is one solution for fixing it, by pointing at one of the biggest suckers of all; the public sector.  But briefly; what is the economy and why do we care? Well, in order  to not quote the all powerful Wikipedia, I will simply describe the economy as everything that you do to interact with others in a specific area.  This is a broad definition, because both everything you do; consume, re-purpose, or create, can be included as long as its an interaction. And the area can be a geographic one or even a diplomatic or artificial one; say the internet economy as an example.  Furthermore, we often add some sort of financial or monetary attribute to our definition of the economy, and economics is the study of the distribution of wealth, typically in the form of money; but can be the allocations of goods, resources, or other commodities as well.   One report suggests that Americans are 40% poorer than they were 4 years ago.