Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Accountability Will Save America

I'll keep this brief.  More taxes are not going to save the economy and they are not going to lift up the poor.  They will perpetuate the same old system of governmental failing we have seen time and time again.  I could show you a laundry list of tax increases in American history that were followed by an increase in national debt (but you probably wouldn't read it).  Why would more taxes be different this time?  It won't.  You can't keep throwing money at a dead horse and expect it to win the next race.  The problem in America is with accountability.

Accountability has been lost in America.  This may be a harsh commentary and you may want to shut your eyes and click away from this page if you don't want to know the truth.  But lets take a short look at trends such as runaway personal debt, socialized medicine, company bailouts, and the obesity epidemic.  What do they all have in common; a sense of entitlement and a lack accountability.   
Politicians pitch themselves like a glorified popularity contest, votes are obtained by preying on human emotions and on special interests; not on the logic and reason which would lead to a sound economic system that we ultimately need.   Dale Carnegie said it best when he said, "When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bursting with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity."  This basically defines our governmental system, which is not surprising, since it is a human system.  This is a failing in most human systems, many scientific studies have shown that humans are very gullible; marketing has taken advantage of this since the dawn of trade. The system will continue with the same cycle of failure, no matter how much money we pump into it, unless it is countered with a strict adherence to a set of rules that are not part of our political and governmental language at this time; A set of rules that eliminate human prejudice and emotion from decision making. To the chagrin of even die hard constitutionalists, the specific rules of accountability were not well defined by our founding fathers.  The justice system suggests that individuals be held accountable for their debts, but even these rules have loopholes to escape responsibility; I refer to Chapter 11.  Furthermore, when large companies fail, our government steps in to bail them out.  When students can't pay back there loans, they ask their debts to be forgiven and the government buckles to consent.  Obesity and illness are no longer personal problems but social problems that need to be delt with not by personal accountability but through restrictive legislation.  Why?  Because on election year you are more likely to vote for a politicians who gave in to hand outs; the politician who said that the ills of this world were not in anyway your fault but the fault of some mythical bad men who the politician would stand up to defend you from. Is it any wonder that we feel this way, when our own government can get away with a runaway debt of its own.  It is this wanton disregard for the bottom line that has lead to the current economic turmoil in this country and it will continue unchecked until all of our resources are drained; unless action is taken.

Taking out a loan:

Here is how a normal business takes on debt.  1. It goes to the bank and gets a loan.   The terms of the loan state that it must be paid back in such and such a time with a finite amount of interest added.  2.  The business takes the loan only if it has calculated how it will pay back the loan in such and such a time, furthermore the bank may not even lend it if the entity does not seem capable of paying it back.
Here is how the government takes on debt.  1.  It asks the bank or the tax payers for money and the bank or tax payers usually gives it, based on such and such terms as above.  2.  The government does not pay back the loan to the bank or to the people, instead it takes out another loan to pay off the interest and principle on the last loan, and taxes you more.  The bank gives the loan to the government because the bank is owned by the government (you give the government money because your the governments little b#$%h; remember, there are no slaves in America.).  Also, the government somehow has an AAA bank rating (What! Why? They never pay back the loans, and their business model is based on a giant Ponzie scheme, it could collapse at any moment, what kind of magical thinking is this!)   3.  They wait for the blue fairy to come down and turn them into a real boy.  This does not solve the problem of course, unless the blue fairy is an IBM super computer crushing us under its giant digital fist of logic, but that's how magic works.  Alternatively, the world explodes and we never have to pay back the debt; yay!

Taking out the trash:

 But how do we make government accountable?  The time table of most government programs is longer than the human attention span (Which isn't saying much: some sources suggest its about 15 to 20 minutes).  But humans make plans in the the order of weeks, months, and years, whereas government makes plans on the order of decades.  Although programs may be decades long, benchmarks of a programs success should be on a much smaller scale; a scale that we can judge for success or failure and act accordingly.  But how do we make politicians accountable?  It's fairly easy; if you propose a bill to congress or spearhead some policy change that you claim would be 'good for the entire nation,' they you are responsible for it.  If it passes into law, your in charge, not until the day you retire, but until the job is done.  I'm a firm believer that you don't start anything you don't intend to finish.  And if your retort is, 'but how can I see the end of social security?', my response would be, "Maybe you should of thought of that before you put us in this new deal, Mr. Roosevelt."  If a senator or legislator put a new policy on the American people, why should he or she get off the hook just because they didn't run for another term; we still have to live with their 'new' i-'deal'.  Their names should be forever associated with their bits of legislation and they should be called out of retirement annually to give a full progress report unless they can find someone else to take the reigns for them.  Unlike businesses who don't replace their CEOs unless there is someone to replace them, politicians walk out the door all the time without a replacement; one example of a shameless lack of accountability.  Any senator from Delaware doesn't come into office agreeing to back the pet projects of the senator who just walked out; he usually stands behind a whole new set of half baked ideas.  But half baked ideas are not what this country needs.  When we ask a politician what went wrong with his plan, if he even begins to point a finger somewhere else; he should be ridiculed out of office.  You took on the job of running this nation and if you passed legislation that didn't account for something, you should have.   Doctors don't stand around saying, "this sounds jolly fun, lets try putting rat testes in humans to see if it makes their testosterone levels rise."  No, they test it first in monkeys (or in Europe, where clinical trials are easier).  And rightly so, because if it didn't work and someone died they could lose their jobs or be sent to prison.  These are heavily trained professionals who study and research thoroughly before enacting any new procedure on even one individual.  Politicians should be held to the same bar; because they are not only enacting a new procedure on one individual but a whole society.  Man up or don't play the game.

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