Sunday, February 9, 2014

Laboratory problems- a look at a book from 1924

1924 edition
I picked up this book, Elements of General Science Laboratory Problems by Cadwell, Eikenberry, and Glenn, at an estate sale.  It looks like it was meant for high school students to learn basic science.  But its copyright date of 1924; 'new edition,' may suggest that this was as good as science got for most people, at least those not going into science.  My favorite lessons were called, "How does the telephone operate?," "How do yeast plants live and grow?," and "How do molds live and grow?" 
vacuum tube
Study of oxygen and hydrogen
Yes, in this book both yeast and mold were considered plants not fungi.  The introduction to the mold section goes like this, "The problem: Since green plants can manufacture foods from carbon dioxide and water, they are more nearly independent than are plants without chlorophyll.  How do the non-green plants get their food?"

Bunsen burner
aquarium oxygen detector
hot water heater
steam engine

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